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Assist Earth’s water in regaining its natural state of organization


People around the world
are using the Photon Signature Discs
to revive our water.
Join us.

This disc is the creation of a being who is gifted and talented in the environment of subtle energy. We’ll call him “X”. He had learned that aluminum had the quality of impeding photons, and that a concentration of photos would collect above (on the sunny side) of an aluminum plate. This intrigued him, but "X" also knew that the frequency of aluminum is not life supporting. 

In the past, on the shores of Hawaii, he had received telepathic communications from dolphins, now he requested information from the dolphin minds to assist him in solving the problem of aluminum’s unhealthy frequency. He was awarded the information. A two-dimensional schematic was presented to his mind; it was the molecular structure of potentialized aluminum, which has a frequency very similar to that which the dolphins use for telepathic communication. "X" then used his skills in the realm of subtle energy to access the consciousness of aluminum. Once he had the attention of the consciousness of aluminum, he presented to it the schematic of aluminum organized in a higher order. The aluminum immediately morphed into the schematic. Simultaneously, the schematic was removed from "X"’s memory. 

The new aluminum showed promise, as seeds that were placed on its surface sprouted more rapidly than others. But "X" had the Idea that the real beauty of the photon inhibition may not be in collecting photos on the surface, it could be in allowing photons through the plate in specific codes.

He began experimenting. Ultimately he arrived at three important codes, or aspects of sacred geometry: the Flower of Life, the Phi Ratio (1:1.618) and the Hexagonal Fractal of Water.

Similar to how water passes through the holes in a shower head and created a shower of water in the same pattern, photons pass through holes that are precisely located at the nodes of the intersections of the lines describing the codes listed above, when overlaid. This results in an array of perforations in the disc that allow the passage of photons in the order of the three codes. This arrangement of photons provides the water below with the basic blueprints for the codes: the Flower of Life offers information about the structure of life in general, the Phi Ratio offers information about how animal life is structured and the Hexagonal Fractal offers information about how healthy water structures itself. And, of course, the photons are delivered from the life-giving sun.

In order to validate that the photon array does indeed affect the water that receives the information, it was photographed before and after exposure to the Photon Signature Disc by crystallographic photographer Veda Austin ( She tried two methods: placing water in a glass bowl on top of a disc, and suspending the disc over a large container of water. Both methods resulted in profound organization of the water molecules after exposure to the coded photon arrays

Disc below water.jpg

What we are using the discs for

Assisting the Evolution of Humanity

Water, in its healthy and pure state is essential to life on Earth. Toxins are antagonistic to life. So water tainted with toxins loses its life-supporting quality. Toxins can be chemical, energetic, biological or mental. With over 85,000 chemicals being released into our environment, the growing ubiquity of energetic poisons such as cell phone radiation WiFi, fields near electrical transmission lines, organic waste causing bacterial and algal blooms, and the various forms of distress emanating from billions of human minds, water loses its miraculous quality. Basically, it becomes confused. It loses its natural coherent organization. 

If we accept that humanity is evolving towards ever more organized states, with the Source being the highest state of organization, we might feel an urge to assist in that evolution. One way to do this is to assist water in regaining its natural state of organization. Water then becomes more coherent. Coherence allows the evolution towards organization. Confusion prevents that evolution. Most of human confusion is the result of fear. Most fear is due to the lack of information. When highly ordered information is provided to and adopted by water, it may create an environment (both internal and external) for humans to more easily progress with the process of evolution.


Revitalizing Bodies of Water

Those of us who have lived by a body of water for years may be able to notice that the vitality of that water seems to have diminished.

Ponds, creeks, lakes, rivers, bays and oceans are all suffering from a loss of vigor and vitality as expressed by water’s hexagonal organization. Like Dr. Masaru Emoto before her, Veda Austin has revealed that what we now think of as ordinary water is water in a diminished state. The various forms of pollution mentioned above render water to become a lesser, or sick, version of itself. 

Imagine a river being adopted by a small number of people who install Photon Signature Discs along its course. The river would then carry water in a more coherent state, affecting life along its banks and beyond.




Revitalizing Drinking Water

Those of us who live in urban or suburban locales may opt to drink filtered water so we can avoid the chemicals added to tap water (both intentionally and accidentally). Our filtered water may be free of most toxins, but will also be free of many life-supporting minerals. It is also important to realize that the filtered water has lost its natural vitality as expressed in its molecular organization. We see this “confused” water in the “before” photos of Veda Austin. The Photon Signature Disc can be used to re-inform the water. When I need to drink filtered water, I add minerals to a five-gallon car-boy of water, set it to fill an urn and place the photon signature disc on top (I also give it some 528 Hz “music”). 



Providing the codes to land

The benefit of presenting the photon array of the three codes is not limited to water. Living organisms can benefit as well as soil. People who are sensitive to such energies can feel the influence of a disc placed on land. Such coherent soil may have a diameter of about 30 feet where the disc was placed (more subtle effects might extend much farther).


Regular Upgrades

"X" has the ability to remotely upgrade all of these discs as he gains  greater understanding of the process of water re-education. No matter where the discs are, he can transmit new information to them all and upgrade their performance, and he does this regularly.


How to use the Disc

To affect water, the best technique is to suspend the disc just below (an inch or two) the surface of the water. This is easily done by creating a floating ring (using a pool noodle) or square (using PVC pipe) and suspending the disc using three or four plastic zip-ties (included with your disc shipment) or stainless steel wire run through the outer holes in the disc.


























                              X floating a disc in a shallow urban creek


If greater visibility is needed, pin flags can be attached to the float. It is important to take precautions not to lose the disc. In moving water or large bodies of water the disc/float assembly should be tethered to and anchored buoy. This may not be necessary in smaller ponds.


a pool noodle float. ends are glued together with construction adhesive


An easy way to charge a small river (this is the Powder River in Baker City, OR) is to drop the disc off a bridge and tether it to the railing. This river was flowing at about 1 ft /sec. so in 20 minutes I charged about a quarter-mile of river that would pass through about 60 miles of land before joining the snake river and then on to the Columbia River. In its travels that water would inform the water it came in contact with, the water in the fish, and also in the plants along the banks

" latest discovery are "Photon Signature Discs." These are 12 inch diameter, "Potentialized-Aluminum" discs whose function is to organize photons into life supporting codes such as Phi-Ratio, The Flower of Life, and Clustered Water. ( Images on this page show the "3/way" photon disc which incorporates these three codes.) Any light passing through the discs carries the information of these codes to whatever the light shins through. Light/photons carrying information in this way can have many varied and positive effects, which surprisingly, even occur at night when there is very little visible light. of the most significant and timely effects of the photon-plates is their ability to greatly increase water's life-supporting ability.

Since 1994, I've been building my own water re-vitalizing machines whose water quality is greatly enhanced when I use photon-discs in these systems. Photon-disc codes transfer in seconds through miles of city water networks and maintain considerable vitality in the water for about two weeks. This is particularly significant since metal pipes and electric pumps, the main means of moving water in our modern world, typically strip water of its vitality.

I have been using photon-disc floats in the ocean off Hawaii and have been very impressed with their ability to maintain the ocean's vitality. The coded imprint remains long after the float has been taken out of the water as well. Currently, it has been over 3 months since a photon float has been in the ocean here, and the vitality and the water is still quite strong.

Photon signatures are not limited to the three mentioned above. I have used several varieties to relay various kinds of information. My latest undertaking is to stimulate clustered water to evolve from 6-sided polygons into 12-sided polygons and beyond. It is my understanding that this would increase clustered water's ability to access and store information, an important step in water evolution.

Photons are a free and unlimited resource with huge potential and it is not unreasonable to think that our oceans, lakes, and waterways could be revitalized using photon-technology. It would certainly put things into a new light."

                                             --excerpted from an article written by X in the mid 90's

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